Drug abuse has seen as an increasing global issue that causes irretrievable damage on individuals and their families
Study shows that people takiing thier first trial lead by curiosity.
An overdose always result in toxic condition or death.




This little stamp case illusion, beware, it may haunt you forever

"I feel like I am been sucking into my own body, first it comes with incorporating of body and mind, my eyes are flying with fragment of entities, then there comes horrify vision, and fear. I want to escape, but I can't. I want to dead."

LSD is a psychedelic drug that can altering your perception and may creating hallucinations. This drug will takes up to 12+ hours to happen and high can last very long. Even LSD is not addictive, overdosing LSD still can be really dangerous. Users may experience the horrify hallucinogen.



Your very first step into the deep world

"Almost 30 minutes until its kicking in, it's too random and suddenly I lost my sight. Everything is just shaking and I feeling like setting in a never stopping rolling coaster. It's nothing but dizzy, every sound in the world feels too loud and annoys me, then I feel anger as well as sickness. Then I broke all the furniture in my house, cut my finger, woke up next morning with a deep regrets."

Marijuana may not damage body and mind too much, but heavy abusers of marijuana were found to suffer damage to social life, work or career status and cognitive ability. Schoolwork and the achievement of goals were also found to suffer.

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