No ending for CPC anti-corruption war

Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued "to carry out" three real "special education program on leading cadres at and above the county level in" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to make arrangements to carry out "three real" special education 2015 leading cadres at and above the county level. "Plan" requirements, carry out the "three real" special education, to in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party's eighteen and eighteen third, Fourth Plenary Session, in-depth study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, focus on promoting the coordination of "four compre-hensive" control "strategic layout, strict to slim, strict right to use, anyilvji, look for a job to be real, to be real entrepreneurs, man to reality", focusing on party loyalty, personal clean, dare to play, efforts to solve the "laxfalse" problem, and enhance the practice of "three real" requirements of conscious thought and conscious action, see the effectiveness of efforts in deepening the "four winds" regulation, to consolidate and expand the party's mass line of educational practice, the discipline about the rules, to create a good political environment see the results, to work hard and be practical, promote the reform and development of the stability effect.

Always wtih people

The people our party's basic line of work. How to adapt to the changes of the times, social change, to adapt to the new changes of the masses, to grasp the new demands, new expectations of the masses, is an important topic in front of China Communist Party organizations at all levels and cadres. Close contact with the masses is easy to say, hard to do. In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and local Party committees in the government has always advocated the route of the masses, in close contact with the masses, the country has also introduced a series of specific measures, but the effect is not obvious, the key issue is not "hard" and "deep". Leading cadres at all levels should put themselves and the masses on the same position, quit, bureaucratic down, hard to use "friends face to face, hand in hand, the equal negotiation knee knee, family type heart" to listen to the masses, chatted, wde, to the masses, pass through the heart nest truth, make true, and people really eart, between the real and the masses to eliminate, because of the physical distance, in the offce building generated by asymmetric information cognitive distance and the "offcial standard" thought of the emotional distance, closer to the feelings of the masses, the masses won support. To promote trust next time. Some grassroots cadres complain that work is not good, please do not force, the masses do not support, or even think the masses are residents, is in the final analysis, make trouble out of nothing, or "offcial standard" idea, not stand in the position of the masses to the problem, do things, so that people do not want to open our heart, and we put down the burden dialogue, have a genuine and sincere desire to support our work. As the saying goes "want justice, make a reverse", can learn empathy, directly affects the effectiveness of our mass work. We only learn to feel for others, empathy, truly understand the masses want what, what, what to complain, always put the interests of the masses at heart, can really get people's understanding and trust, resolve conflicts and obstacles, guide masses to form a cohesive force, promote the work of.