13th Touhou project big festival Cases

13th Touhou project big festival Cases

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A tenth three times Hakurei shrine example festival has ended. Everyone who join us, thank you. Next time, July 3 "Hakurei Shrine Song Festival" , October 16, "Third Hakurei Shrine Autumn example festival" We look forward to your participation to.


Whats Touhou?

Touhou Project is a series of PC games (dating back to 1995) conceived and developed by an individual who goes by the name ZUN. The series primarily consists of a challenging ‘bullet-hell’ style top-down arcade shooting games that require a mix of reflexes, precise movement, and a bit of puzzle-solving to bob and weave through elaborate hazard patterns. The games tremendously fun, and each has a distinct personality—in the case of Double Dealing Character。The visuals (particularly the artistic bullet spray patterns) and the music are also extremely well done, and even more impressive when you consider that everything is ZUN’s handiwork.